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"A goal properly set is halfway reached". Zig Ziglar

The Airplane: The airplane is a Pitts S1S. I built it in my garage over a three year period while I was working as a professional Chef. That is why I call it the "Chefpitts". I test flew it in February of 2013. I flew it to Sun n Fun in Lakeland, FL a few months later and was honored to win the "Best Homebuilt Biplane" award! The single place Pitts design has been flying since 1945. My Pitts incorporates many

modifications, including : Precision wings with longer ailerons, larger tail surfaces, integral gap seals, one piece carbon fiber floor, many hand formed custom fairings, spring gear, and many more. The engine is a lightweight IO-360 from Barrett Precision Engines. About 200 hp spinning a Prince Carbon Fiber Prop.

The paint scheme is what sets this airplane apart. It is unique to this airplane. I designed the scheme and painted the airplane myself. The bottom surfaces feature a 3 dimensional cube design inspired by the German WW 1 " Lozenge " camouflage....The face on the nose is an homage to Cole Palen, who started "The Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome" in NY. The face was on his Fokker Triplane. It was also on the Triplane of German Ace Werner Voss during WW1.

The Airshow: The show I fly is inspired by the pilots I watched when I was a kid. Jim Parker, The Red Devils, Leo Loudenslager, Al Hauff, Art Scholl, the French Connection. The Pitts Special is an iconic airplane that lends itself well to beautiful rolling, curving lines, snap rolls, and excellent outside capability. You'll see all of these elements blended together over the course of the show, including cutting in and out of the show line to show depth.

In addition to the full performance, I also fly dead stick aerobatics and landing! 

The Builder/Pilot: I started out in aviation like many others...Model airplanes. From hand launch gliders, to rubber powered stick and tissue free flight, to control line, to radio control. I was taken to my first airshow at Quonset Point in RI when I was 8. I saw The Red Devils, (later to become the famous Christian Eagles) do a formation snap roll in three Pitts Specials!

That was the moment that started the journey.

 ~ Earned glider license before drivers license

~ Worked my way up from dishwasher to Chef over the next twenty years

~ Started flying aerobatics while working in Country Clubs in the Northeast and in Florida

~ Won the second Pitts Trophy ever awarded with less than 30 hours of Pitts time

~ I am now working as an A&P/IA at Precision Jet in Stuart, FL

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