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 Hello Air Show Fans!!!

Got back a couple of weeks ago from flying two shows in one day!!!!  Greenwood SC and Heavens Landing in Ga!!
I met up with Paul Schulten of Eagle Airshow in Ormond Beach, did some formation flying, canopy rolls,etc, then spent the night telling tall tales. Headed to SC the next day.  Nice flight up!  Had a good rehearsal on Friday, then dinner with all the performers.
The Jumpers and the Tigers opened up the Show and I did a nice deadstick.

The Tigers, Patty, and Gary flew a tearjerker of a Missing Man

In Honor of Greg Connell.

  We all then flew for a great group of fans braving a scorching day!!!!

Many thanks to the Greenwood Crew who did a fantastic job!  They truly enjoy hosting a great Event!  It's a Great Airport with many fine people interested in promoting general aviation!  AND........of course.....thanks to all the Airshow and Car Fans who came out in the heat to be part of the fun!!!!!!

THEN.......A 35 minute flight over to Heavens Landing to get ready for the Second Show of the Day!!!!
It really lives up to it's name!!!  Really a fantastic place to fly Aerobatics! Lots of enthusiastic fans, and a live Concert, to boot!!!  The weather was awesome this year!  We all had a blast flying over, and around the mountains!  Thanks Mike and staff for a great Show! 
And Thank You to the Folks at Heavens for having us perform at your Beautiful spot!!

It was an incredible weekend!  I got to hang out and fly with some of the best people/pilots in the Airshow Business!  It's  truly a Dream to be a small part of these Shows!!
Thank You Patty, Gary, Mark and Mark, and Paul for all your help, knowledge, and support!!!!!!


Thanks to all the Airshow Fans!  Without You, we wouldn't be able to "Chase our Dream!"

Boy Scouts Checking out the Chefpitts

                  Greenwood with Paul                                                            On way home with Patty

                      Flightline at Heavens

               Dinner at Clark's on Main, crazy good!

         Thanks airshowfansh and airshow kg for the great video from Manassas, Va!

          Dead Stick                    Full Show

Past Shows.....

             Deadstick at Lake City                         Thunderbirds at Lake City

Here's video from the Stuart Air Show 2015 using the

Sport wingtip Cam!!!!

Chefpitts Airshows is winding up for the 2016 Season! 

It's looking to be another great season for Chefpitts Airshows! 

New for 2016......



Check back often for updates and additions to the schedule as they come about!! 

( there's a few more in the works! )


I can certainly say that I wouldn't be able to "Chase my Dream" without the support of many:  Including....

My wife Michele 

My Mom and Dad

My Pitts instructor, Tom Bent

And ....Thanks to all the Air Show Fans!!!!

See you in 2016!!!!!

Culpeper 2015!!!   Thanks "horsemoney"

Thanks to Chefpitts Airshows Sponsors......

Charlotte Monroe!!!

Wings Over Flagler 2015!!!     Courtesy, Nathan Gates. 

Thanks for visiting Chefpitts Airshows!

         I built the Pitts Special you see here over a three year period.  Ever since I got a ride with airshow performer Jim Parker in his Pitts S2A almost 40 years ago, the dream has been to fly a Pitts Special in Airshows.  Whatever you aspire to,  don't give up! 

         The Dream can be realized!  

                                               Clemens Kuhlig,

                                               Builder, Flyer

         I hope to see you soon!

Check back later for updates to the website. There's much more to come!